lkbrews20141018Behesht Heavenly Kombucha traces its current mother back to 1995 when the brewing fun started. What began as a personal ambition to brew a delicious and healthful beverage to share with friends and family grew into a passion. After 20 years of delighting a small group of people, we are ready to share what we have created with a wider audience.

Behesht is committed to brewing a fully potent, impeccably crafted elixir that not only tastes great, but delivers all of the benefits you associate with kombucha. So much commercially available kombucha is “lightened up” to eliminate alcohol from the final product. This change while resulting in a wider availability, has lead to a degradation of taste and an adulteration of the beverage. At Behesht we allow the kombucha to reach it’s full potential which results in a healthy and delicious refreshment.

We start with the mature and potent mother, feed her organic green tea and organic sugar and then tend to her while she makes the magic happen. The kombucha then goes through a secondary fermentation where organic flavors in the form of juices and extracts are added. Many of these secondary flavor enhancers are sourced locally, some right out of our own garden.

While you may find more widely available kombucha, with more recognizable names, you will not find a purer, more carefully crafted or delicious product anywhere. It’s about keeping it small, keeping it real and keeping it heavenly.


Behesht Kombucha is committed to environmental stewardship and strives to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. Please reuse our bottles! The bottles are mini growlers and have a poly seal caps which provide an exceptionally tight seal to preserve effervescence.  Both the bottles and caps can be washed and reused many times. Use our bottle to get a refill of Behesht Kombucha on tap or to preserve unused portions of any carbonated beverage at home. REUSE THEN RECYLE!