Mostly we just love to chug kombucha right out of the bottle, but when we are feeling a bit more refined, a glass with a bit of ice is really swell. And for the super thirsty among us, we prefer, a ½ and ½ with kombucha and bubbly water as a great thirst quencher.

Oh you say, it is 5pm somewhere, well then how about a kombucha cocktail to help the day float away? Our kombucha blends perfectly with great distilled spirits. We love to pair the ginger with whiskey and a squeeze of lime. The raspberry rose cardamom is fabulous with vodka and a splash of bubbly water. Our watermelon jalapeño pairs magnificently with a shot of tequilla.

Please reuse our bottles! The bottles are mini growlers and have a poly seal caps which provide an exceptionally tight seal to preserve effervescence.  Both the bottles and caps can be washed and reused many times. Use our bottle to get a refill of Behesht Kombucha on tap or to preserve unused portions of any carbonated beverage at home. REUSE THEN RECYLE!