currantpicking@wildhareorganicfarm20160629SEASONAL FLAVORS (Available 9.2.16)

Wild Hare Black Currant features the unique flavor of organically grown black currants which were harvested by hand by our founder! Available while supplies last. INGREDIENTS: Organic kombucha tea, Organic cane sugar, organic black currants. 

Paradise Valley Blackberry utilizes the abundant berries that populate our neighborhood here in Paradise Valley. Wildcrafted at the peak of ripeness this brew simply says summer like no other. INGREDIENTS: Organic kombucha tea, Organic cane sugar, wildcrafted blackberries.

Blueberry Lavender combines organically grown Wild Hare Organics blueberries with organic Royal Velvet Lavender grown by our friends at Lavender Hill right here on Vashon. A rare treat to be sure. INGREDIENTS: Organic kombucha tea, Organic cane sugar, organic blueberries, organic lavender. 

Paradise Valley Douglas Fir is a exceedingly special brew crafted with hand foraged Douglas Fir tips in the spring. The combination of kombucha and the tannic Douglas Fir tips makes for a kombucha like no other which has drawn comparisons to  champagne! INGREDIENTS: Organic kombucha tea, Organic cane sugar, wildcrafted Douglas Fir. 


Raspberry Rose Cardamom reflects our unique character. We think it is the perfect marriage of familiar and exotic, a cropped-BHK_FINAL_LOGO_Print_062715b-e1442801135750.pngbit like Behesht itself. Organic raspberries are Western Washington grown and when blended with the floral rose water and earthy cardamom, well it just sings. INGREDIENTS: Organic kombucha tea, organic cane sugar, organic raspberries, rose water, organic cardamom.

Ginger Tonic is our version of a flavored drink found all around the globe. Known for the soothing effect it has on the belly, and the delightful tickly way it feels in your mouth, our Ginger Tonic is made with 100% raw organic ginger and increasingly from ginger found right here on our Puget Sound home. INGREDIENTS: Organic kombucha tea, organic cane sugar, organic fresh pressed ginger juice.

Activated Turmeric blends earthy ginger and turmeric with tangy tamarind and a dash of black pepper to activate the curcumin in the turmeric. This blend is increasingly popular for its tonifying effect on the constitution as well as its savory goodness. INGREDIENTS: Organic kombucha tea, organic cane sugar, organic fresh pressed ginger juice, organic fresh pressed turmeric juice, organic tamarind paste, organic black pepper. *THIS FLAVOR IS AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT THE VASHON ISLAND COFFEE ROASTERIE ON TAP. 

Concord Grape is the sweet refreshment that we love in place of soda. We use 100% organic concord grape juice and when fermented with the kombucha it produces an incredibly satisfying brew. But then fermented grapes have a long history of pleasing the human palate. INGREDIENTS: Organic kombucha tea, organic cane sugar, organic concord grape juice.

Sun Island Strawberry Ginger pairs the renowned strawberries grown by our friends at Sun Island Farm with 100% raw organic ginger. The resulting blend is sweet, spicy and delivers a characteristic kombucha zing. INGREDIENTS: Organic kombucha tea, organic cane sugar, organic strawberries, organic fresh pressed ginger.

Behesht Kombucha Seasonal specialties round out our offerings. There is so much wonder around us here that we are continually inspired to try new things. The Douglas Firs are bursting forth with fresh spring tips, why not? The local summer Salal Berries  are plump and tart, the tart island apples a great foil to the sweet kombucha and when Mother Nature presents you with Wild Huckleberries or Blackberries, well how can we resist. And when the Watermelon Jalapeño is in the fridge, well that’s a great time for a summer fajita party. Be sure to look for and enjoy these when you see them, because as soon as you blink….well you know how it goes. Additional seasonal flavors we have brewed: Black Currant, Pear Ginger, Blueberry Lavender, Sriracha!, Meyer Lemon Ginger, Meyer Lemon Lavender, Spiced Apple, Marionberry and Mulberry. 


Some of our local partners include:

Sun Island Farm provides us with all of our strawberries.

Wild Hare Organic Farm provides us with all of our raspberries.

Lavender Hill Farm provides us with all of our lavender.